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Yoga and pilates are exercises that focus on strength, flexibility and breathing. They offer more than just a physical workout; people who do yoga and pilates often see a perceptible difference in their overall health and state of mind. Since yoga and pilates focus on physical, mental, and spiritual practices, it’s important yogis have a floor that promotes flexibility and comfort.

Polyurethane foam is considered to be the best surface for three reasons:

1) It compresses under load for comfort;
2) It reduces fatigue on joints;
3) It is hard-wearing.

These 3 benefits make it superior to rubber flooring and hardwood. A common mistake people make with yoga and pilates flooring is choosing a surface that’s too firm. This will only cause user fatigue. It isn’t pleasant to put all one’s weight on a joint on a hard surface. People need something softer to be comfortable.

Individual yoga mats are popular for this reason. If a floor is too hard, people use a yoga mat made from foam so they can do physical exercise in comfort. Doesn’t it make sense to have a soft studio surface in the first place? We recommend SPORTEC® MotionFlex Tiles. These polyurethane tiles are designed for yoga and pilates as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation activities.

Yoga and Pilates Interlocking MotionFlex Tile – Motionflex is an interlocking puzzle-mat tile made of fine grain polyurethane foam. It has been developed for indoor applications such as yoga and pilates. It is also suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities. This material provides a good grip underfoot and a comfortable training surface for floor based activities.

Here at the TVS Gym Flooring we are pleased to offer the best in floor based exercises classes like Pilates or Yoga. TVS Yoga and Pilates flooring will keep your clients engaged and comfortable, allowing them to focus on balance, strength and breathing.

SPORTEC® MotionFlex Features:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • 930 x 930mm coverage per tile
  • Compresses under load for comfort
  • Absorbs impacts
  • High force reduction
  • 9mm thick
  • Can be installed over an existing floor
  • Grained appearance
  • Grippy whether wet or dry
  • Jigsaw installation with solid side pieces
  • Available in several colours
  • High-performance foam designed for yoga and pilates

Performance Characteristics

SPORTEC® MotionFlex Tiles are squishy underfoot but firm under load, providing a stable, comfortable platform for yoga and pilates. They are comfortable to walk on and offer good impact absorbing qualities to reduce noise and vibration.

The tiles have a foam density of 420kg/m³. They are 9mm thick and 930 x 930mm in size – ideal for covering large areas quickly. The tiles can be installed over any level floor, including hardwood, rubber and tiled systems.

Several tile colours are available to suit your gym/studio. You can use MotionFlex Tiles to build a dedicated studio or create a designated zone in your gym. They are removable and will not damage your subfloor since no adhesive is needed.

Feel free to contact us for personalised yoga and pilates flooring advice. We’re here to help.

Technical Data

Colours: Blue (RAL 5015), Green (RAL 6018), Light Grey (RAL 7038), Dark Grey (RAL 7012)
Dimensions: 930mm x 930mm (outside edge) & 900mm x 900mm (internal edge)
Thickness: 9mm
Tensile strength: min. 1.5 N/mm2 (EN ISO 1798)
Anti-slip property: R11 (DIN 51130)

tvs high performance gym flooring

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