Which Type Of Sports Flooring Is Right For You?

What is the best flooring for a gym?

There are several different types of sports flooring for indoor and outdoor use that we can use to create a safe platform to play and workout on. This article will run through the most common to help you discover the types that are relevant to you:

Rubber tiles

Rubber tiles are used in commercial and home gyms. They are easy to install and can be used over a concrete or board subfloor. They are available in 30mm to 40mm thicknesses and are best for free weight and functional fitness zones.

Rubber rolls

Rubber rolls provide a seamless rubber flooring solution for gyms. The rubber is thinner (3mm in most cases) so it is better suited to non-functional gym zones. For example, this is a good option for gym zones with treadmills.


Polyurethane or PU is a seamless flooring system that performs similarly to hardwood. It can be used to make indoor basketball and hockey courts. It’s also widely used in sports halls by schools as a single flooring solution.


Vinyl flooring is another seamless flooring system. It can be made with various elasticities to suit different sports, from badminton to five-a-side football. Vinyl is similar to PU but it’s the more adjustable solution for different applications.


Hardwood is the traditional surface for sports halls and indoor courts. Although this is an unforgiving material, it can’t be beaten for durability and style. We are a leading supplier of Robbins Timber floors, which are used in the NBA.

Artificial turf

Artificial turf is available in a huge range of fibre thicknesses. It can be made with a low pile for sled lanes and a thick pile to replicate a football pitch. The elastic layers are adjustable to suit a wide range of different sports.

Sprint tracks

Traditionally, indoor sprint tracks were made from hardwood, but newer rubber systems offer better performance and safety. Sprint tracks are made from rubber with specific point elasticity to ensure optimal bounce and safety.

Choosing the right sports flooring

The right sports flooring for your gym or sports centre depends on the intended use case for the floor. Gyms should use rubber tiles with a high-performance underlay in functional areas and rubber rolls in other areas for a seamless appearance.

If you want to make courts, then a polyurethane or vinyl surface will be best. Alternatively, you may prefer hardwood. All of these are decent options.

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