What Makes TVS The Leading Flooring Specialist For Gyms And Sports Halls?

what makes TVS the best flooring specialist for gyms and sports halls

At TVS we live and breathe gym flooring. Following over a decade in the industry, we’ve installed thousands of gym flooring systems in all kinds of gym for everyone, from the biggest franchises and hotels to independent gyms up and down the country.

What makes us the best? We think we’re the best because of our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. We look after our customers. 99% of our customers would recommend us to another gym owner.

Here’s what makes us a top flooring specialist for gyms and sports halls:

The best products 

We know the flooring systems that work and the ones that don’t. We’ve experimented using cheap materials, expensive materials and space age materials. As a result, we have a catalogue of products that offer the best performance.

When we recommend products, you can be sure we’re recommending great products. You could save money buying something unbranded from China. We’re all about performance at a good price. So, we stick to what we know.

The best service

When you first contact us, we’ll take the time to discuss your gym and the types of workouts that will take place. We’ll go away and design your flooring system and present your options to you so that you can make an informed choice.

We are always available to pick up the phone and have a chat. We make ourselves available to our customers. You can expect personal, reliable and timely service. Your satisfaction is our top priority, even if you only chat with us.

The best quality

We’re proud of the quality of our work. You can check out our work here. We guarantee floor quality by using the highest-quality products. Installation is performed by experienced workers who have undergone extensive training.

From the fit of our plywood boarding (built subfloor) to the clean lines and seamless appearance of our rubber flooring, quality will run through your gym and sports hall flooring so that it performs properly and stands the test of time.

We have a range of gym and sports hall flooring solutions that will make your establishment the best around. Call us on (0)1706 260 220 for a quote.