Use Cases And Benefits Of Gym Floor Rolls

Use Cases And Benefits Of Gym Floor Rolls

Gym floor rolls are one of the most popular kinds of gym flooring because they are affordable and deliver good performance. They are most-suited to covering large areas where the sub floor requires minimal protection.

Gym floor roll use cases

Gym floor rolls are typically 10mm to 15mm thick and are installed on top of a high-performance underlay. This multi-layer system provides adequate protection in functional fitness zones and areas with machines.

An area where you would not use gym floor rolls is in free weight zones because rolls are not thick enough to protect the subfloor from dropped weights.

Other than this, you can use gym floor rolls in functional fitness and cross fit zones, as well as yoga and pilates areas.

Single and multi-layer systems

Gym floor rolls can be installed in a single or multi-layer system. The key difference is that single layer systems make use of a thicker roll without underlay. Some rolls have different layers so are considered an ‘all-in-one’ system.

Multi-layer flooring systems tend to perform better because they increase the thickness of the floor and allow us to play with elasticity (how the floor responds to pressure). This is the best way to change how a surface feels to use.

Benefits of gym floor rolls

Gym floor rolls are on average cheaper than interlocking flooring systems and the design is seamless. Some people prefer this look.

Gym floor rolls are also extremely fit for purpose. They last for 10 to 15 years when used properly and require no maintenance other than periodic cleaning. The surface is seamless, hygienic and easy to clean with a mop.

The main disadvantage to gym floor rolls is if the floor gets damaged, then the whole floor will need to be replaced. This is why gym floor rolls are recommended for functional fitness zones but not for free weight and heavy workout zones.

Are gym floor rolls right for you?

We would typically recommend gym floor rolls when you want to cover large areas where free weights won’t be used. Good applications include pilates and yoga areas, cross fit zones and functional fitness areas with machines.

Another consideration will be your subfloor. Rubber rolls are compatible with concrete and board subfloors, but the condition and structure of the subfloor will determine whether we need to install a multi or single-layer flooring system.

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