The Benefits Of Rubber Sports Flooring

rubber sports flooring

Rubber sports flooring provides sufficient protection to both concrete and plyboard subfloors. It also provides protection to gym goers, by absorbing shock and impacts so that dropped weights and plates don’t bounce off the floor.

Commercial gyms use rubber flooring for both these reasons, but they also use rubber flooring because it lasts a long time. Typically, a rubber floor will last 10 to 15 years before requiring replacement. This provides a low total cost of ownership and ensures gyms get a good return on investment from their floor.

Interlocking rubber tiles

Interlocking rubber tiles are the default floor system for free weight zones. These tiles are 30mm or 40mm thick and can protect concrete and board subfloors from dumbbells, plates and other dropped weights like kettlebells.

The key benefits to interlocking tiles include the thickness of the product and the ability to replace individual tiles when worn. For example, if one tile is damaged, you can rip up that single tile and replace it with a new one.

Rubber rolls

Rubber rolls are the default floor system for cross fit zones, aerobics and plyometrics because the flooring is seamless and extremely grippy. It is typically 10mm or 15mm thick excluding underlay, which may be needed depending on use case.

The key benefits of rubber rolls include the seamlessness of the product and the grippy surface. Rubber rolls are often denser than rubber tiles so are better for functional zones where you have treadmills and cable pulleys.

Impact protection slabs

Another benefit to rubber sports flooring is you can layer up the system with impact protection slabs. These slabs sit on top of your rubber floor and provide extra protection for deadlift and powerlifting zones with racks.

Impact protection slabs are 50mm to 80mm thick and are most widely used in rack zones and free weight zones by those who lift heavy. You can also place impact slabs in cross-fit zones to provide gym goers with another place to lift heavy.

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