The Benefits Of Interlocking Sports Floors

If you want an easy to maintain sports floor that will stand the test of time, interlocking sports floors are your best friend.

Interlocking rubber floors are designed to withstand punishment and they offer several benefits over rolled flooring. Here are the main benefits of choosing interlocking sports floors for your gym or sports centre:

Easy to install

Interlocking sports floors are installed tile by tile with each floor tile locking with the one next to it. Providing that the subfloor is level and substantial enough for the use case, little preparation will be needed prior to installation.

Easy to replace

It’s easy to repair damage to an interlocking sports floor because you only need to replace the tiles that are damaged. The tiles are glued to the floor, so they only need ripping up and this will not damage the subfloor or underlay.

Easy to maintain

Although there’s a seam between interlocking floor tiles, the seam is tight so no dirt or liquid can get between the tiles. The tiles can be cleaned with a normal mop or you can use a machine mop to clean the floor quickly.

Available in different colours

If you want to colour-coordinate the different fitness zones in your gym or match your sports floor to your brand, interlocking sports flooring is perfect. We supply SPORTEC tiles in a wide range of colours including black and red.

Protects the subfloor

Interlocking floor tiles are either 30mm or 40mm thick and can be paired with a high-performance underlay and thicker impact protection slabs. These systems will adequately protect your concrete or board subfloor from damage.


The lifespan of interlocking sports floors is 10 to 15 years, so commercial gyms have a fantastic opportunity to maximise their return on investment. SPORTEC rubber floor tiles are also made from 90% recycled rubber materials.

Suitable for a variety of use cases

Interlocking sports floors are mostly used in gyms and sports centres where they are used for free weight zones, machine zones and functional fitness sones. They can also be used in dance studios to provide a cushioned surface.

Want to find out more?

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