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What is Heavy Duty Gym Flooring?

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If your gym has free weight, bench and powerlifting zones, then you will need heavy duty gym flooring to protect the subfloor. Heavy duty gym flooring is always made from EPDM rubber tiles. EPDM rubber tiles have several advantages over rubber matting, including thickness, shock absorption and the fact they are individual tiles which makes […]

The Difference Between PVC And Rubber Sports Flooring

the difference between PVC and rubber sports flooring

In your search for high-performance sports flooring you will come across both PVC and rubber flooring that appears to offer the same performance. Differentiating between them can be difficult when they look the same. Some people also use the terms interchangeably, which is a mistake because they are not the same at all. In this […]

What Is The Best Multi-Use Fitness Flooring?

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Fitness flooring comes in all shapes and sizes, but only a handful of flooring systems are suitable for multi-use areas of a gym. Multi-use fitness areas can be home to treadmills, free weights up to 12kg, pull up racks, cable machines and yoga zones. The floor has to be able to withstand dropped weights and […]

How To Soundproof a Gym Floor?

how to soundproof a gym floor

Most gym floors consist of three layers: Subfloor Membrane (underlay) Top surface All of these layers work together to create a durable gym floor. With regards to soundproofing, there are three things that are important: 1) The materials used, and 2) The thickness of the membrane and top surface combined. Soundproofing a gym floor Gym […]

How To Reduce Noise And Vibration Within a Gym?

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There’s no getting around the fact that gyms are loud. The sounds of clattering weight stacks, dropped dumbbells and people running on treadmills cuts through stereo music unless it’s cranked right up. This is why most people put their earphones in (or headphones on) to zone out and workout without noisy distractions. As a gym […]

The Benefits Of Interlocking Sports Floors

If you want an easy to maintain sports floor that will stand the test of time, interlocking sports floors are your best friend. Interlocking rubber floors are designed to withstand punishment and they offer several benefits over rolled flooring. Here are the main benefits of choosing interlocking sports floors for your gym or sports centre: […]

Gym Flooring Tiles or Rolls For Home Gym?

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When it comes to building a home gym, flooring is one of the most important considerations. Gym flooring has to protect a hard substrate beneath and absorb impacts to provide a safe platform to lift weights. Interlocking rubber floor tiles and rubber floor rolls are the two most popular types of home gym flooring. Besides […]

What Kind of Gym Floor is Best For Free Weights?

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In free weight areas, gym floors take the biggest beating of all. Besides dropped dumbbells and plates, free weight areas have to put up with benches being dragged and people taking little care when moving weights around. For this reason, free weight areas need flooring that is not only resilient and durable but capable of […]