At TVS Gym Flooring, we have the widest range of studio flooring on the market with specialised and multi-use surfaces available. Whether you want a surface for HIIT and Zumba or a martial arts or dance studio, we can recommend the right flooring for your use case with a complete design and installation surface.

Choosing The Right Studio Flooring

The most important aspect of studio flooring is cushioning. This determines the types of sport and activity that can be performed. For example, you wouldn’t practice judo on a hard vinyl surface, but you would do HIIT and Zumba workouts.

The first question we have when sizing and specifying studio flooring is what will the floor be used for? The second question is what level of performance do you want? Once we know your use case and performance requirements we can recommend a few things.

Studio Flooring For All Budgets And Activities

We are a leading supplier of vinyl and polyurethane (hard) surfaces and soft surfaces like EPDM rubber rolls and floor tiles. We cater for all budgets and can help you find that perfect compromise between price, performance and good looks. With vinyl surfaces we can adjust the elasticity of the surface to provide different levels of shock absorption and cushioning. This will allow you to build a studio with designated areas and we’d use markings to make these areas clear.

Traditional aerobic studios were designed for dance classes and feature some type of sprung floor system with a void however over the years industry trends have changed considerably and exercisers are using weights in these areas. Circuit training, high intensity interval training and body pump usually involve lifting equipment. It is therefore important the gym flooring surface is elastic enough to absorb these impact forces and safe enough to perform dynamic movements.

We have helped build studios for dance classes, HIIT, yoga, pilates, Zumba, functional fitness and split training. We do free quotes and welcome the opportunity to discuss studio flooring with you.

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