Sprint Track Flooring

Sprint Track Flooring - Sprinting, acceleration and timed drills in the gym is now very common and helps personal trainers interact with their clients. It is therefore important to design in an area for this type of activity.

The size of a sprint track areas varies per club but is typically 1.25m to 2.5m wide by a distance no less than 10m. 1m line markings are easily integrated. When performance matters a sprint timing system allows coaches to measure speed to 100th of a second.

  • 100% EPDM synthetic rubber surfaces available in a range of colours
  • Needle-punched polypropylene sports surface suitable for sprinting and sled work
  • Line markings and floor graphics easily applied

SPORTEC Fusion Classic

SPORTEC Fusion Classic is a fine grain EPDM sports flooring bonded to a shock absorbing elastic layer.

Sprint Track Flooring - This flooring provides a cushioned floor covering and reduces impact forces on joints – the risk of injury is reduced and it is therefore particularly recommended for indoor sports facilities in schools and leisure centres.

The elastic layer and the top layer are delivered as pre-fabricated rubber rolls, simplifying the installation process because only one roll needs to be glued to the substrate. The surface is easy to maintain and can be sealed with our 2-part polyurethane compound – RZ Turbo Protect.

Technical Data:

Colours: Red or Blue
Roll width: 1.25m
Roll length: 15.0m
Thickness: 8mm
Tensile strength: min. 0.7 N/mm2
Anti-slip property: R9 (DIN 55130)

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