Bespoke workout areas are becoming increasingly more popular in gym and a dedicated area for sprinting will enhance the attractiveness of your facility when compared to other gyms.

Sprinting, acceleration and timed drills in the gym is now very common and helps personal trainers interact with their clients. It is therefore important to design in an area for this type of activity.

The size of a sprint track areas varies per club but is typically 1.25m to 2.5m wide by a distance no less than 10m. However, in some clubs, tracks span up to 50m or even more. Usually, a two lane track measures no more than 2.5m in width as this provides an ample space for two runners competing side by side.

Line markings applied onto the surface at regular intervals help to create a more engaging workout area and provide a useful training tool for personal trainers. When performance matters a sprint timing system allows coaches to measure speed to 100th of a second.

  • Rubber surfaces available in a variety of colours
  • Shock absorbing elastic layers reduce impact stress on ankles, knees & hip joints
  • Create an area for sport specific training & instructor led activities
  • Lanes, numbers and logos can help create a bespoke training space

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Colours Available

Option 1:

TVS Sprint Track – Unlined

TVS Sprint Track Unlined
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Option 2:

TVS Sprint Track – Start & Finish

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Option 3:

TVS Sprint Track – Track Numbered

Sprint Track Numbered Light Green
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Option 4:

TVS Sprint Track – Customised

Colours Available:

TVS Sprint Track Customised Colours Available
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Heavy Sprinttrack Custom made Red & White

What Sprint Track Flooring Is Correct?

Sprinting is widely considered to be the best exercise for building up short burst cardiovascular endurance, but it is also one of the most likely activities to cause injury. A leading cause of injuries is sprinting on surfaces that are not designed for sprinting. This is especially true when sprinting indoors.

So, what sprint track flooring is correct? The correct material is synthetic rubber bound with latex or polyurethane. These materials are installed in sheets indoors. Outdoors, they are poured and sealed at a depth of around ½”.

If your gym has space for a sprint track, this is a great way to get people to work on their cardio without jumping on a treadmill. Sprint tracks can also be used for lunges and other weighted leg work that focuses on basic strength.

Designing The Perfect Sprint Track

When designing a sprint track the most important consideration is elasticity and shock absorption. For sprint track flooring installed indoors, the subfloor will play a key role in what the sprint track will be made from and its thickness.

For example, sprint tracks installed over concrete will be thicker than sprint tracks installed over polyurethane or rubber. Sprint tracks installed over rubber may also be firmer than those installed over concrete. The ‘feel’ of the sprint track is a key consideration because we want to create the best possible sprinting experience.

Sprint track flooring can be designed to any specification. The most common requests are coloured sprint tracks and sprint tracks with markings. Gyms with lots of space may want a wider sprint track to accommodate two or more runners.

Sprint Tracks For Training And Athletes

Creating an area for sport specific training and instructor led activities is our speciality and we offer a wide range of flooring solutions to meet these requirements.

We offer sprint track rubber flooring in a variety of densities and thicknesses. We can install your sprint track over an existing floor or build it into your floor.

The comfort of our sprint track flooring is second to none because we design sprint tracks to deliver optimal comfort and performance. Your sprint track will be suitable for sprinting, jogging, drills, walking, lunges, leg workouts and much more.

Sprint tracks can be built to any size and specification, but we recommend a minimum width of 1.2m and a minimum length of 15m. Get in touch for a chat about your project.

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