TVS offers sports hall surfacing and high performing systems catering to multiple indoor sports and requirements in a confined area, with increased demand of footfall. Indoor sports hall facilities have to cater for multiple sporting requirements in a very confined area, with increased demand and levels of footfall.

As a result, a high performing and importantly a highly durable system is required. TVS offers complete systems for multiple sporting or facility requirements as well as component parts to complement other systems.

What Is The Best Sports Hall Surface?

The best surface for a sports hall is polyurethane (PU). This modern alternative to hardwood/engineered timber lasts longer and delivers better cushioning to reduce fatigue and risk of injury. PU is also superior to older vinyl systems.

The reason polyurethane is so good is because of its density and elastic performance. It is comprised of a rubber crumb pad with a polyurethane top surface. This dual layer system delivers outstanding performance for sports activities. It can also be combined with an extra underlay to increase impact protection for the subfloor.

Polyurethane or Vinyl?

Polyurethane and vinyl are often referred to as equal, but polyurethane is the newer material offering enhanced performance in all areas.

For example, a polyurethane top layer is more durable than a vinyl top layer and PU is engineered for sports activities, whereas vinyl is a general flooring material. So, while vinyl can be used for sports flooring, PU is designed for it. It’s more durable and delivers better sporting performance for this reason.

Polyurethane Or Timber?

Timber floors are unforgiving, and the risk of injury is the highest of any sports surface, making polyurethane a better choice for sports halls.

The benefit to hardwood/engineered timber is it offers a classical appearance. Also, these floors can last 20-30 years with low maintenance. Polyurethane is cheaper than timber and safer for players. A fall on polyurethane will always be less severe than a fall on timber.

Acoustic Qualities Of PU Sports Hall Surfacing

Another unspoken benefit of polyurethane is its acoustic qualities. Jumping on a polyurethane floor is quieter than jumping on a timber or vinyl floor because the rubber crumb pad absorbs impacts and vibration.

Sports halls are notorious for being loud places. While the best acoustic improvements are made with acoustic wall panels, flooring also plays an important role in reducing noise. We recommend PU over vinyl and timber for acoustics.

Safety Considerations

To prevent tripping, we recommend a seamless surface, which eliminates timber from the equation (timber has joints that can separate over time while polyurethane is seamless and will never deform or crack, making it safer).

Grip is also important. Sports hall surfaces need to be grippy wet or dry. Polyurethane is grippy no matter how wet it gets. Timber gets slippery when wet.

Lastly, polyurethane is a forgiving surface for sports halls. The risk of injury is less than on a hard surface and the high level of cushioning reduces player fatigue.

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  • Applicability: Can be designed to conform to the specific sporting requirements for multiple indoor sports
  • Player Surface Interaction: Cushioned rubber system, increasing player comfort while delivering a highly grip-resistant play surface.
  • Greater Noise Control: Due to its open porous texture and elastic composition, our elastic layers and rubber surfaces reduce the reverberations and loud echoing noises often associated with indoor sports halls.
  • Low Maintenance: When coupled with RZ Turbo protect sealing system, the rubber surfaces become highly resistant to dirt and are simple to wipe clean.
  • Easy Installation: Preformed uniform roll systems can be tailored to your specific installation requirements with consistency assured across the entire area.


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