Sports halls are fun places, but they also need to be safe places, and flooring plays the biggest role in ensuring a safe play environment. There are three main types of sports hall flooring to choose from: polyurethane, vinyl and hardwood. We’ll run through the differences between these below to help you choose the right sports hall flooring for your sports hall:


This is the traditional material for a sports hall. Hardwood is extremely hard-wearing, and it looks great. It’s finished with a clear lacquer which can be buffed after every use to bring the shine back. It can also have markings and patterns.

We are a leading supplier of Robbins hardwood flooring. Robbins is the brand used for basketball courts in the NBA. The quality is exceptional, and the finish is designed for a life of sports. These floors last in excess of 30 years.


Polyurethane or PU floors are made from polyurethane plastic. This floor is softer than hardwood and more elastic for greater impact absorption. However, it offers very similar performance to hardwood for ball and court games.

Polyurethane sports hall flooring is cheaper than hardwood flooring, but it is by no means the poorer product. Schools are increasingly choosing polyurethane because it offers similar performance at a lower price.


Vinyl flooring is polyurethane flooring finished with a PVC vinyl top. The PVC can be formulated with different elasticities for different performance characteristics. For example, it can be as hard as wood or as soft as rubber.

Vinyl is a popular choice in sports halls that require different levels of elasticity in different areas (for example, for indoor badminton courts and basketball courts). The vinyl is installed in stages, allowing different areas to suit different sports.

Which Type Of Sports Hall Flooring Is Best?

The traditional choice is hardwood, but you can’t go wrong with a polyurethane floor. If you require specific elasticities, then you should choose a vinyl floor. We are a leading supplier of hardwood, polyurethane and vinyl sports hall flooring and we can recommend the right floor for your use case. We only supply the best branded flooring, and we handle the entire design and installation process for you.

Our Customers

We work with schools, colleges, universities, sports centres and community centres to create incredible sports halls. Thanks to new innovations in materials, sports halls can now host a wide range of sports including tennis, basketball and hockey on one surface. We offer several multi-use surfaces to replace traditional timber.

We can design a safe, durable sports hall floor so you can host sporting and non-sport events. We invite you to check out our recent case studies. Feel free to reach out to us for a chat about your project. Advice is free.

For advice and a chat about your sports hall project, call us on +44 (0) 1706 260 220 or email us at

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Why Choose TVS For Sports Hall Flooring?

We offer the widest range of sports hall flooring from leading brands. We don’t use unbranded, generic, low-quality flooring products. Choosing TVS means you are choosing quality, and thanks to our relationship with suppliers, we have very competitive prices. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised by our quotes.

We manage hundreds of sports hall flooring projects for schools, colleges, universities, sports centres and community centres. Our experience means we can recommend the right sports flooring for your budget and use requirements. Whether you want to host basketball games, or a mixture of sports, we have you covered.

We supply hardwood, engineered timber, polyurethane and vinyl floors for sports halls with a complete design and installation service. If you have an old sports hall floor, we will remove it and get it sent off to a local recycling facility. We have an environmental policy in place so that our work contributes to the circular economy.  

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How to Choose the Best Sports Hall Flooring

Here are some tips to choose the best flooring for your sports hall:

Multi-use or specialised

Timber floors are good for basketball and non-sport events like tests, assemblies and parents evenings. However, they aren’t ideal for other court games because the surface is hard and unforgiving. For multi-sport use, we recommend polyurethane or vinyl. These two materials offer better cushioning but are just as durable.


Timber floors are the most expensive option, followed by polyurethane and vinyl. Timber is the classical choice and preferred by many. Polyurethane and vinyl offer a wider range of performance characteristics and are cheaper overall. Ultimately, most sports halls will get by just fine with a polyurethane or vinyl floor.

If you’d like help choosing the best sports hall flooring, get in touch. We’re here to help.

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