Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a New Gym Flooring

When choosing new gym flooring there are several things to consider. In this article, we’ll address your most pressing questions to help you in your search for the right floor. Feel free to contact us for advice too.

Are there different gym areas that require a different type of gym flooring?

Gyms with different fitness areas will need a few different surfaces. For example, free weight areas will need rubber tiles up to 40mm thick, and deadlift and powerlifting areas will need impact-protection slabs.

Rubber rolls (seamless flooring) should be used in multi-use areas with treadmills and cable machines so that the surface is flat and uniform.

How thick should your gym flooring be?

The correct thickness for gym flooring depends on the intended use. Free weight areas should have 30mm to 40mm rubber tiles with underlay to protect the substrate, while functional fitness areas should have an EPDM or foam floor up to 12mm thick. Powerlifting zones need impact-protection slabs up to 80mm thick.

What design are you looking for?

Most gym owners have an idea in their head of what they want their floor to look like, from the kind of material to the colour and markings.

If you have a specific design in your mind, it’s important to do a little research to find out if there are products out there that match your idea. For example, some people want rubber tiles to be in a certain colour to match their brand.

Who will install your gym flooring?

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that professional installation offers the best results with gym flooring. This isn’t just a case of the quality of the finish, but also that they provide the materials and arrange delivery and aftercare.

The DIY route with gym flooring may save you money but it will take you much longer to achieve desirable results. A professional will also clean up and make sure the floor is good to go when the project is complete.

Simply put, professional gym flooring installation makes your life easier. There’s no annoying trip to the local recycling centre with waste afterwards and there’s no clean up needed because we do this for you. Alternatively, we can supply the materials and you can give it a go. We’re here to help in any way we can.