Gym Flooring Tiles or Rolls For Home Gym?

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When it comes to building a home gym, flooring is one of the most important considerations. Gym flooring has to protect a hard substrate beneath and absorb impacts to provide a safe platform to lift weights. Interlocking rubber floor tiles and rubber floor rolls are the two most popular types of home gym flooring. Besides […]

What Are The Different Kinds of Floors For Gyms?

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If you take the time to look at the floor of any multi-fitness gym, you will notice that the flooring changes in different areas. This is because different areas of a gym call for flooring with different physical characteristics. For example, powerlifting platforms have a spongy rubber floor, while running tracks have a hard non-slip […]

What Kind of Gym Floor is Best For Free Weights?

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In free weight areas, gym floors take the biggest beating of all. Besides dropped dumbbells and plates, free weight areas have to put up with benches being dragged and people taking little care when moving weights around. For this reason, free weight areas need flooring that is not only resilient and durable but capable of […]

How to Choose The Right Gym Rubber Tiles

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There are quite a few things to consider when choosing gym rubber tiles for a home or commercial gym. The key to choosing the right rubber floor tiles is to consider what kind of activities will be performed in the gym. In this mini-guide, we’ll provide helpful tips on how to choose the right floor […]

Third Space Islington

gym flooring tvs case study third space islington

Project Information: Third Space has opened its sixth and most luxurious health club in London with spacious training areas, state-of-the-art facilities, tranquil yoga studio, 20m adult pool, cycle amphitheatre and special facilities for youngsters. Client: Third Space Main Contractor: Vincent Stokes Limited Project Objective: TVS Group was commissioned to create flooring solutions that mix 2020 […]

Result Fitness

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Project Information: TVS Group’s flooring solution for a city centre gym in Durham proved a winning idea for the fitness centre, local retailers and shoppers. Client: Box of Frogs Main Contractor: AJ Interiors Acoustic Consultant: Red Acoustics Project Objective: With the decision to site a new Result Fitness gym in the busy Riverwalk shopping and […]

Mountview Academy

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Project Information: TVS Group’s Acoustics Division helped client Gilbert Ash to deliver a winning theatre complex which has already received two design award nominations.Client/Main Contractor: Gilbert AshAcoustic Consultant: Charcoal BlueArchitect: Carl Turner Architects Project Objective: When one of the UK’s leading drama schools decided to create a stunning new theatre building in London, its complex […]

What is The Best Flooring For Garage Gym?

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What is The Best Flooring For Garage Gym? Your garage probably has a hard-concrete floor. Concrete is durable but has no impact or shock absorption qualities. If you were to drop a heavy dumbbell on a concrete surface, it’d crack, and the damage could be significant. It is therefore necessary to protect the floor with […]

What Are Gym Floors Made Of?

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What Are Gym Floors Made Of? Gym floors are most usually concrete or screw-fixed plywood covered in a layer of ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber, which is better known by the acronym EPDM. This impact-absorbing material is considered a universal gym flooring because it is durable, hard-wearing, non-slip and easy to clean. It also looks […]