What is The Best Flooring For Garage Gym?

tvs concrete spring jack-up floor

What is The Best Flooring For Garage Gym? Your garage probably has a hard-concrete floor. Concrete is durable but has no impact or shock absorption qualities. If you were to drop a heavy dumbbell on a concrete surface, it’d crack, and the damage could be significant. It is therefore necessary to protect the floor with […]

What Are Gym Floors Made Of?

tvs concrete spring jack-up floor

What Are Gym Floors Made Of? Gym floors are most usually concrete or screw-fixed plywood covered in a layer of ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber, which is better known by the acronym EPDM. This impact-absorbing material is considered a universal gym flooring because it is durable, hard-wearing, non-slip and easy to clean. It also looks […]

How Thick Should Home Gym Flooring Be?

how thick should home gym flooring be

How Thick Should Home Gym Flooring Be? How thick should home gym flooring be? Good question. The answer depends on the substrate and how you’ll use your home gym. Some experts recommend 10mm, others 20mm. We think it should be higher than this. Why is thickness important? Home gym flooring should provide the safest possible […]

What is The Best Flooring For a Gym?

What is the best flooring for a gym?

What is The Best Flooring For a Gym? The best flooring for a gym depends on what equipment will be used. Most gyms have separate areas for cardio, functional fitness and free weights. While all these areas can utilise universal rubber tiles, gym goers will experience greater satisfaction from flooring that caters to the workout […]

Case Study Xercise4Less

sled lane surface

TVS Design & Install Bespoke Indoor Workout Area Client: Xercise4Less TVS was tasked with designing a versatile and multi-functional training area to be rolled out across various new Xercise4Less sites. The brief was to include an area for sledge work along with floor demarcations for various activities such as walking lunges, sprinting and battle rope […]

Case Study EasyGym

gym flooring case study EasyGym

Inter-locking Rubber Tiles for a Free Weights Area Client: Easy Gym Because of its position, on the upper level of a busy shopping plaza in the heart of London, this gym required a robust flooring solution for the weightlifting area. The selected solution needed to help the gym co-exist comfortably within the surrounding retail environment. […]

Case Study The Gym Group

gym flooring case study the gym group

Client Profile: The Gym Group consists of over 65 fitness clubs throughout the UK, offering members round the clock fitness at affordable prices. Despite low membership rates the specification of clubs is high. The Challenge: The gym was located in a shopping mall with retailers, cafes and restaurants nearby. On this occasion the challenge was […]

Case Study Kirklees Council

Gym Flooring Case Study Kirklees Council

Background: Kirklees Active Leisure operates 13 sport and leisure facilities on behalf of Kirklees Council. Its flagship site, Huddersfield Leisure Centre, is a £36m new-build that opened its doors to the public in 2015 and features a family leisure pool, a 1000m2 gym, two multi-sports halls and climbing walls. The Challenge: In the free weights […]

Case Study Primal Gym

Gym Flooring Case Study Primal Gym

Background: Primal Gym is an independent fitness facility located within a mixed-use development complex in the city of Leeds. A residential apartment block is situated above and retailers are trading either side. The client’s vision was to create a “best-in-class” strength training academy for the North of England, however, controlling any noise and vibration caused […]

Case Study Bryanston School

sports flooring case study Bryanston school

Background: The independent Bryanston School, in Dorset, UK has a proud tradition in sport. It counts as alumni, a number of top athletes – including a number of professional rugby players, cricketers and even a double-Olympic champion, German eventer Heinrich Romeike. As part of the school’s efforts to train the next generation of elite athletes […]