Gym tiles are the most versatile gym flooring solution. With the right underlay to control elasticity and acoustics, tiles can be used in free weight and functional fitness zones and as a single flooring solution throughout a gym.

Another benefit to gym tiles is they are available in a variety of colours. We are a leading supplier of SPORTEC® gym tiles which are available in over 12 different colours, including black with coloured flecks and coloured with black flecks. This allows us to design floors that match the branding and colours of your gym.

Tiles are available in thicknesses of 30mm or 40mm and the addition of high-performance underlay allows us to change how the tiles perform. We can design floors that absorb heavy impacts in free weight zones and floors that provide cushioning underfoot for fitness zones.

Gym tiles are simple to install, although some prep may be needed for the subfloor. We offer a complete design, supply and installation service.

Why TVS?

Gym tiles are one of our areas of expertise. Tiles are a versatile flooring solution because they can be used in any area of a gym. The key is to choose the right thickness and underlay so that the flooring system provides adequate performance.

Tiles also have the benefit of being replaceable one tile at a time. This means if one tile gets damaged, the whole floor doesn’t have to come up. This will save you money in the long run and make maintenance much easier.

We are a leading supplier of SPORTEC® gym tiles which are available in black with coloured flecks, or grey, blue and red with black blecks. We also supply Uni-Versa tiles, which are the best choice for multipurpose sports areas.

We can recommend the right gym tiles for your gym with a phone consultation. Feel free to reach out to us for free advice.

For more information on our range of gym tiles, call us on +44 (0) 1706 260 220 or email us at

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SPORTEC® Style Tile: Colours & Finishes

sportec tiles colours and finishes
sportec tiles colours and finishes
sportec tiles colours and finishes

The Perfect Complement To Our SPORTEC® Style Tiles

SPORTEC® Style Edge and Corner Profiles are the perfect complement to our SPORTEC® Style Tiles. With its beveled edges, they provide a smooth and safe transition zone, reducing the risk of tripping when entering or leaving heavy weight areas.

gym flooring tiles
gym flooring tiles