The SPORTEC® Style Gym Tile protects from damage by falling heavy objects such as dumbbells, barbells, Olympic discs and kettlebells, all commonly used in free weights areas in gyms. Conventional floors offer little protection in this environment and long-term damage to the gym flooring, subfloor structure and gym equipment is a real possibility.

The SPORTEC® Style Tiles are designed specifically to reduce this impact shock. The tiles are simple to install and are loose-laid over the existing subfloor.

Adjacent tiles are inter-locked with connector pins, creating a solid and stable platform for performing weight lifting exercises. The SPORTEC® Style Gym Tiles are available in thicknesses of 30mm or 40mm and in a variety of surface finishes and colours. In addition, the SPORTEC® Style Edge and Corner Profile are the perfect complement to the SPORTEC® Style Gym Tile and they provide a smooth and safe transition when entering or leaving the heavy weights area.

When Should I Choose Gym Flooring Tiles?

Gym flooring tiles should be used in free weight zones. They are thicker than rubber rolls and are designed to absorb a higher level of impact shock. They are 30mm to 40mm thick, and you can also get heavy-duty 80mm impact protection slabs for deadlift zones (these will  also be necessary underneath power racks).

Rubber floor tiles are made from EPDM rubber. EPDM is an excellent shock absorber. It compresses under load but springs back immediately. It absorbs energy and prevents weights from bouncing when dropped. To increase this effect, rubber underlay can be used so that the tiles compress into something soft.

Where Can Gym Flooring Tiles Be Used?

In addition to free weight zones, gym floor tiles can be used in functional fitness zones, machine zones, cardio zones and studios. It isn’t the best surface for pilates and yoga, but it can do a job (for these zones, you ideally want a harder surface).

Some of our customers choose to have floor tiles installed throughout their gym because it provides design cohesion. This is no problem. We can also install edge profiles with bevelled edges to make entering and leaving the gym easier.

Our Customers

We have designed gym floors for The Gym Group, Virgin Active, Fitness First, LAX, The Reebok Club, Xercise4Less, Fit4Less, Lifestyle Fitness, Easy Gym, Primal Gym Leeds, Sheffield Hallam University, Derby University, Derby FC, England RFU and Chelsea FC.

We have also worked for hundreds of businesses, hotels and fitness centres. This pedigree sets us apart. We also regularly publish case studies of our work so you can see the quality for yourself. You can check out our case studies here.


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Case Studies

We have gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at some of the world’s most prestigious gyms, including Pure Gym, The Gym Group, Virgin Active, Fitness First and LAX. You will be able to browse through case studies that we publish frequently.

Case studies will give you even more insight into our work with these companies and how they achieved their goals with our help.

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Rubber Gym Floor Tiles and Rolls

Choose between 4, 6, 8, 10, 30, 40 or 70mm thickness

Original price was: £28.80.Current price is: £24.00.

SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls 4mm

SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls NEON 4mm


SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls 4mm

SPORTEC® Variant Gym Floor Roll 4mm


SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls 6mm

SPORTEC® Variant Gym Floor Roll 6mm


SPORTEC® Style Tile: Colours & Finishes

SPORTEC tiles are the best in the business. We offer the complete colour range as well as indoor and outdoor floor tiles (outdoor tiles are called Uni-Versa). These tiles are available in 30mm and 40mm thicknesses to suit your gym.


Color 0 and Color 15




The Perfect Complement To Our SPORTEC® Style Tiles

SPORTEC® Style Edge and Corner Profiles are the perfect complement to our SPORTEC® Style Tiles. With its beveled edges, they provide a smooth and safe transition zone, reducing the risk of tripping when entering or leaving heavy weight areas.

Gym Flooring Design and Installation

TVS will provide a complete design and installation service for your new gym floor. No matter the size of your gym or your requirements, our unbeatable product range and experience ensures you will get the very best. We welcome the opportunity to provide free advice and quotes for all customers, so feel free to reach out.

gym flooring tiles
gym flooring tiles

The Colours Available With Gym Floor Tiles

Gym flooring is one area where you can make a lasting impression on members and potential members. It’s also an opportunity to show off your personality, creativity, and sense of style. With so many colours available it’s easy to find something that suits your needs.
We offer gym tiles in many different colours! You’ll be able to choose from vibrant shades as well as more neutral tones such as black or white. Whatever colour you choose will help create an environment that reflects who you are and what you want people to feel when they walk into your gym.

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Interlocking Gym Flooring

Interlocking tiles are a great option for functional fitness and free weight zones because they can be easily replaced if one tile wears out. They also offer more traction than other types of flooring which is important in these high-wear areas.
There are so many different options when it comes to gym flooring that it can be difficult to know what type will work best for your application. We recommend interlocking tiles because they’re easy to replace and provide better traction than most other types of flooring.

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