Gym Flooring Sprint Tracks

gym flooring sprint tracks

100% EPDM Synthetic Rubber Surfaces

Gym flooring sprint tracks and bespoke workout areas are becoming increasingly more popular in gyms and a dedicated area for sprinting will enhance the attractiveness of your facility to prospective gym members when compared to other gyms. This becomes even more appealing when users want to tailor their training routine to simulate a specific sport.

The area designated for a sprint track varies from club to club and is largely dependent on the available space. Generally, a one lane track measures no less than 1.25m in width with the overall length no less than 10m. However, in some clubs, tracks span up to 50m or even more. Usually, a two lane track measures no more than 2.5m in width as this provides ample space for two runners competing side by side. When performance really matters, a sprint timing system encourages healthy competition as well as enabling personal trainers to measure time and distance accurately. When nit comes to Gym flooring sprint tracks, line markings applied onto the surface at regular intervals help to create a more engaging workout area and provide a useful training tool for personal trainers.

  • Rubber surfaces available in a variety of colours
  • Shock absorbing elastic layers reduce impact stress on ankles, knees & hip joints
  • Create an area for sport specific training & instructor led activities
  • Lanes, numbers and logos can help create a bespoke training space