SPORTEC® floor coverings, made from top-quality recycled rubber tyre and EPDM colour granules, are extremely sturdy, easy to clean and water-resistant. Soft walking comfort, outstanding impact sound properties, force reduction, robustness and easy installation and maintenance, are all characteristics that make the SPORTEC® product range the ideal solution for use for group and individual sports of all kinds.
Available in a variety of attractive colours, SPORTEC® allows for personalized floor design. SPORTEC® rubber floor coverings bring comfort and colour that perfectly match to your interior.
Many SPORTEC® floor coverings are available with Cfl-s1 fire certification (tested according EN 13501-1). SPORTEC® products also benefit from a VOC omissions rating of A+ in accordance with AFSSET regulations and comply with VOC requirements of DIBt and AgBB. Additionally they have high anti-slip properties R10 / R9 (according to DIN 51130 and the DS label). For gym tiles click here.

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SPORTEC® Color is a high quality, rugged, easy to clean and water-repellent rubber floor covering for use in sport and leisure faciities, retail outlets, exhibition halls, equipment storage rooms and ice-sports stadiums.

Thanks to its excellent durability and high resistance to mechanical wear, SPORTEC® Color is the all-round solution for rubber gym flooring. Customers can choose from a wide range of colours and hues to create an activity area that complements the colour scheme of the room.

Available in various thicknesses this is an impact-resistant, elastic floor covering that is simple to install.

For more technical data on material, colours, roll width, thickness and roll length, download brochure on this page.

gym flooring rolls
gym flooring rolls

SPORTEC® Purcolor

SPORTEC® Purcolor is the ideal rubber floor covering for functional training zones. Thanks to its strong colours, it can be perfectly matched to the interior design of the facility, while offering effective impact and room noise reduction and improved comfort underfoot.

SPORTEC® Purcolor is simple to install and is available in red, light grey, medium grey and dark grey.

For more technical data on material, colours, roll width, thickness and roll length, for gym flooring, download brochure on this page.

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SPORTEC® Variant

SPORTEC® Variant floor coverings are available in virtually unlimited colour combinations from the EPDM colour range. It is the ideal flooring for sport and leisure facilities.

The wide colour range ensures that SPORTEC® Variant flooring can happily harmonise with any new or existing interior design scheme, while offering simple installation, impact resistance, noise limitation and improved underfoot comfort.

For more technical data on material, colours, roll width, thickness and roll length for gym flooring, download brochure on this page.

gym flooring rolls

Case Studies

TVS Gym Flooring has been supplying market-leading products to the fitness industry since 2003. We have gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at some of the world’s most prestigious gyms, including Pure Gym, The Gym Group, Virgin Active, Fitness First and LAX. You will be able to browse through case studies that we publish frequently.

Case studies will give you even more insight into how our product can help your business succeed in this competitive industry.

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Use Cases And Benefits Of Gym Floor Rolls

Use Cases And Benefits Of Gym Floor Rolls

Gym floor rolls are the perfect option if you’re looking for an affordable way to cover your gym’s hardwood floors. They offer good performance and can be installed on top of a high-performance underlay, so they’re great for covering large areas where the subfloor requires minimal protection.
Plus, they come in different thicknesses (10mm to 15mm) depending on what kind of surface you want them to cover.
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Gym Flooring Tiles or Rolls For Home Gym?

Rubber floor tiles and rubber rolls are both great options. They’re durable, non-slip, and provide a safe surface to workout on. If you want to save some money, go with rubber floor tiles because they can be cut into any size or shape.
If you need something more permanent and don’t mind spending a little extra, then go with rubber floor rolls that come in pre-cut sizes.
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Planning a New Commercial or Home Gym Using Gym Floor Rolls?

You have two basic types of flooring to consider – tiles and gym floor rolls. Tiles are more expensive, but they’re also easier to clean and maintain. Gym floor rolls are less expensive, but they require more maintenance than tiles do. If you want the best of both worlds, we recommend using a combination of both!
Rubber and polyurethane gym floor rolls are a hard-wearing, durable flooring option for commercial and home gyms. They’re available in thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 10mm (and sometimes more).
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