The Colours Available With Gym Floor Tiles

gym floor tiles

One of the great things about opening and growing a gym is you get a shot at making a permanent mark in the fitness industry. The strength of your brand is the key to success and colours play a key role in brand identity.

Gym flooring is one area where you can stand out from the crowd aside from logos, uniforms and membership perks. A floor that easily identifies your gym ensures all those selfies people take can be linked back to you.

The colours available with gym flooring tiles are vast and you can go further than simply surfacing a gym in a single colour. You can make contrasting borders and change the colour of tiles for different gym zones.

At TVS Gym Flooring, we are proud to supply SPORTEC® Style Tiles which in our humble opinion are the best you can get. SPORTEC is renowned for its high-quality products which have set the standard for commercial gyms around the world.

SPORTEC Style tiles are available in a wide range of colours. These are split into ranges:

Standard Colours

These are black with coloured flecks. They include:

  • Colour-O – 100% Black
  • Colour-15 – 15% Blue
  • Colour-15 – 7.5% Blue & 7.5% Grey
  • Colour-15 – 15% Green
  • Colour-15 Grey – 15% Grey
  • Colour-15 Red – 15% Red

Purcolor finish

These are coloured tiles with black flecks. They include:

  • Light Grey
  • Middle Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Blue
  • Red

Uni-versa finish

These are coloured tiles with black flecks for outdoor use. They include:

  • Beige
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

Creating a big impact with contrast

Most gyms choose a standard colour for their floor tiles, but you can go further by utilising Purcolor tiles to create borders. For example, you can use coloured tiles around the edge of your gym and as separators for different zones.

If you intend to use gym flooring tiles outdoors, you should choose a Uni-versa tile. These have the greater abrasion resistance and a stiffer surface to account for the fact that most gyms do not have an ideal outdoor subfloor.

The sheer range of colours available with SPORTEC gym floor tiles means you can easily brand up your gym floor in a meaningful way. We recommend choosing colours that match your brand to establish a strong identity across your gym.