A noisy gym is a normal gym, but no one wants to be deafened or have their workout interrupted by the sound of clattering and dropped weights. We can make your gym quieter with our range of gym acoustics solutions.

To get to the bottom of gym acoustics and provide meaningful solutions, we have performed drop tests on all our flooring to develop flooring systems that absorb sound and vibration to significantly improve acoustics.

This testing process has enabled us to develop flooring solutions with dampened acoustics compared to others. Eradicating all noise and vibration is impossible, but it is possible for us to keep sounds localised with minimal sound transfer.

We use different combinations of underlays to return different results, and we supply rubber floor tiles and rubber rolls, as well as vinyl flooring. This enables us to design flooring for all use cases, from free weight zones to running tracks.

Why TVS?

Following over a decade’s experience working with gyms to develop flooring systems, we have designed a range of acoustic flooring systems that reduce vibration, sound and noise transfer to make gyms a better place to spend time. If your gym is noisy because every dropped weight and skipping rope can be heard, it’s time to invest in an acoustic flooring system. We use different combinations of underlays and top surfaces to return different results.

For example, we can use foam underlays with rubber roll flooring to create floors that dampen sound during fitness classes, or we can use rubber underlays with rubber floor tiles so that dropped weights don’t make a sound. We can advise and recommend the right gym acoustics solution for your use case, and we welcome the opportunity to have a chat about your project.

We have hundreds of happy customers and we go out of our way to provide the best service and the best products at the best price.

For more information on our range of gym acoustics solutions call us on +44 (0) 1706 260 220 or email us at

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Case Studies

TVS Gym Flooring has been supplying market leading products to gyms across the UK and Europe for over 12 years. We have gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at some of the most prestigious gyms in the world, including Pure Gym, The Gym Group, Virgin Active, Fitness First, LAX and many more. 
Our team is made up of industry experts who are passionate about what they do – we love what we do! And that passion shines through in every single project we work on.
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Acoustic Considerations When Designing a Gym

Sound waves are created by vibrations and travel through air or other materials until they reach something that makes them bounce off. What happens next depends on the material – some will absorb sound while others will reflect it back into the room. The more surfaces there are in a room, the more likely those sounds will bounce around and create an echo effect. That means less privacy for people working out near each other and higher levels of background noise for everyone else too!
We want your members to have an amazing experience at the gym – so we offer acoustic solutions designed specifically for gyms! Our products are designed with high-quality materials that will reduce noise levels in your facility while also reducing sound transfer between areas of a gym.

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Considering noise and vibration reducing gym flooring

What Are The Acoustic Considerations When Designing Gyms In Mixed-Use Developments?

Gym acoustics will help you insulate the building so that noise and vibration from the gym does not affect other areas. We can also provide soundproofing for gyms, fitness studios, or any other commercial space where people work out. Our products are designed to be easy to install and maintain.
The problem is that gyms are often built on top of other buildings, so sound can travel through the floor or walls. This means that people living or working below can be disturbed by sounds from above.

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gym flooring case study Xercise4Less

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