Chances are, your garage floor is made from concrete (this could be smooth, textured or slab). Concrete floors are the perfect subfloor for gyms because they are strong, but they need adequate protection to prevent damage.

Garage gym flooring should always be made from rubber. Rubber absorbs shock and it provides something soft for weights to compress into. This high level of impact protection is why commercial gyms use rubber flooring.

You’ll also need a high-performance underlay. Underlay is made from rubber, but it is a different density to the top surface. It provides additional shock absorption to stop weights from bouncing when they are dropped.

We are a leading supplier of garage gym flooring. We supply rubber floor gym tiles, interlocking floor tiles and rubber gym rolls. The right flooring for your gym depends on the type of workouts you will perform and how much you want to spend.

We only work with the best brands, including SPORTEC®, and we offer both a supply and full design and installation service.

Why TVS?

We have helped hundreds of homeowners build a fantastic garage gym. Garages are normally used as storage which is a waste of potential usable space. If you want to convert your garage into a gym, we are here to help.

We are a leading supplier of garage gym flooring. We can supply rubber floor tiles, interlocking floor tiles and rubber rolls. We also supply impact protection slabs (these are needed for deadlift zones) and underlay.

If you choose our design and installation service, we’ll recommend the best products for your gym and handle the installation process. This includes installing boarding if necessary to protect the concrete subfloor from damage.

You will find our service reliable and professional. Our close links in the industry mean we can often source garage gym flooring cheaper than our competitors too.

For more information on our range of garage gym flooring products call us on +44 (0) 1706 260 220 or email us at

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