Functional training can involve dynamic movements utilising multifunctional rigs, kettle-bells, slam balls, battle ropes, sleds and even tractor tyres. It’s important that gym flooring and floor finishes in these training zones provide adequate protection to the structural slab as well as sufficient grip and cushioning underfoot.

TVS products are made from high quality recycled rubber mixed with EPDM colour granules, bound together with a polyurethane elastomer. Products are comfortable to walk on and absorb impact and room noise.

Materials are available with Cfl-s1 fire certification (tested according to EN 13501-1) and benefit from a VOC emissions rating of A+.

TVS floor finishes are highly resistant to mechanical wear, easy to clean and water-repellent. Available in a wide range of colours TVS floor finishes provide an aesthetically pleasing and economical solution for a range of gym activities.

  • Fine grain recycled rubber mixed with EPDM colour granules
  • Shock pads available in a variety of thicknesses & density
  • Custom line markings are easily applied, creating a unique
    training space
  • Materials are available in a range of standard & custom
    colour schemes
  • RZ-Turbo sealant provides additional protection to the surfacesprint track


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Rubber Gym Floor Tiles and Rolls

Choose between 4, 6, 8, 10, 30, 40 or 70mm thickness

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SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls 4mm

SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls NEON 4mm


SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls 4mm

SPORTEC® Variant Gym Floor Roll 4mm


SPORTEC® Gym Floor Rolls 6mm

SPORTEC® Variant Gym Floor Roll 6mm


What Does Functional Fitness Include?

Functional fitness includes any exercises that support daily activities, including cardiovascular work and strength training. The idea is to increase a person’s functional fitness, so they are fitter in everyday life. In this way, functional fitness is regarded as one of the best workout types for people of all ages.

Some of the daily movements that functional fitness supports include squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting. By working on these movements with weights, it is easier to do them in real life unweighted. This increases strength.

Another aspect of functional fitness is endurance. Although cardiovascular activities are considered separate, the intensity of and speed of reps in functional fitness means you tend to get a sweat on and build up endurance anyway.  

Specifying a Suitable Functional Fitness Floor

Gyms that enable functional fitness will need to have a suitable floor. A suitable floor is one that is safe and properly cushioned. A floor that is too soft will be very difficult to stay balanced on and a floor that is too hard will cause significant stress to legs, which could lead to injuries and painful recoveries over the following days.

We are a leading supplier of functional fitness gym flooring. We have unique experience designing functional fitness zones in gyms, so we know what people like to use and what is best for athletes and hobby gym-goers alike.

Ideas For Your Functional Fitness Zone

We can design functional fitness flooring to any specification to suit a wide range of activities. Your floor could be made from one material to create continuity or it could have transition zones so there are separate areas for different types of workout. For example, we could create strength training and cable zones.

If you have free weight areas in your functional fitness zone or allow rubber barbells, it’s important that your floor is thick enough to absorb heavy impacts. It would be best to have a thicker rubber floor here rather than a harder one.

Depending on the activities that will be performed, we may recommend artificial turf, rubber tiles, stacked performance flooring or rubber matting. Safety with functional fitness flooring should take into account grip, shock absorption and resilience.

We can also install markings on your floor to help your gym users get the most from their workouts and designate the functional fitness zones in your gym. We recommend markings to enhance your facilities and enable interactive workouts.

functional fitness gym flooring
functional fitness gym flooring
functional fitness gym flooring

Case Studies

TVS Gym Flooring has been supplying market-leading products to the fitness industry since 2003. We have gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at some of the world’s most prestigious gyms, including Pure Gym, The Gym Group, Virgin Active, Fitness First and LAX. 

You will be able to browse through our case studies that we publish frequently. Case studies will give you evan more insight info what TVS Gym Flooring does.

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