Home Gym Flooring

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Planning a new commercial or home gym using gym floor rolls? Don’t skimp on the flooring system – a good system can prevent injury, reduce maintenance costs and improve people’s workouts with a comfortable, supportive material underfoot.

You have two basic types of flooring to consider – tiles and gym floor rolls. Flooring that comes rolled up makes installation easier because the membrane can be rolled out across the floor. On the other hand, tiles are installed individually. In this article, we’ll focus on rolls and the unique benefits they offer to a gym floor.

  1. Suitable for any sub floor

One of the best things about rolled up gym flooring is it’s suitable for any sub floor, be it concrete, plywood or OSB. If you’ll be lifting very heavy weights, we recommend a high-performance underlay (elastic layer) beneath the rubber flooring, but other than that you’ll be good to go. Job done.

  1. Exceptionally durable

Rubber and polyurethane gym floor rolls are a hard-wearing, durable flooring option for commercial and home gyms. They’re available in thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 10mm (and sometimes more). As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the material, the more suited it is to functional fitness activities such as weight lifting.

  1. No seams – easy to clean

Rolled flooring is installed as one piece so unlike rubber flooring tiles, there are no seams or gaps in the membrane except for by the walls. That means no gaps for dirt, grime, sweat and liquids to hide in and an easier surface to clean. Use your vacuum and a steam cleaner to bring the surface back to a fresh condition.

  1. Affordable and attractive

Rubber gym floor rolls are affordable to buy and long-life. Providing you don’t take a blade to the surface, your flooring will last for years. Best of all, rubber rolls are available in a huge range of colours. The primary colour is nearly always black or grey, but you can get it with flecks of colour such as yellow, red, blue and green to make a statement.