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Can Gym Flooring Reduce Noise And Vibration?

issues with a gym being near residential area

In fitness environments, where the clank of weights, the thud of heavy equipment, and the rhythmic beat of aerobic activities are commonplace, managing noise and vibration becomes crucial for creating a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. This is especially true in gyms located in residential buildings or multi-use facilities where sound transmission can be a concern. […]

Possible Issues With Gyms Being Located Near Residential Areas

issues with a gym being near residential area

Navigating Challenges: Gyms Near Residential Areas and Noise Concerns Gyms have become an essential part of urban living, promoting fitness and well-being. However, locating fitness facilities near residential areas can present a unique set of challenges, with noise and vibrations topping the list. While living close to a gym has its benefits, such as convenience, […]

How To Reduce Noise And Vibration Within a Gym?

what makes TVS the best flooring specialist for gyms and sports halls

There’s no getting around the fact that gyms are loud. The sounds of clattering weight stacks, dropped dumbbells and people running on treadmills cuts through stereo music unless it’s cranked right up. This is why most people put their earphones in (or headphones on) to zone out and workout without noisy distractions. As a gym […]

Vibration Absorption For Gyms

Considering noise and vibration reducing gym flooring

If you hop between two different gyms, there’s a very good chance there will be a perceptible difference in the acoustic qualities between them. One will be better damped than the other, and the better-damped one is normally nicer to use. Controlling vibration is the key to good damping. When someone drops a heavy-weight, it […]

Considering Noise And Vibration-Reducing Gym Flooring?

Considering noise and vibration reducing gym flooring

When resurfacing a gym, it’s important to consider noise and vibration because these factors directly affect a member’s experience. No one wants to be deafened or have their bones rattled by a dropped weight. Excess vibration and noise put people off and interrupts their workouts, taking them out of their zone and disrupting their time […]