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Can Gym Flooring Be Customized?

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In the world of fitness and wellness, the importance of creating a space that motivates, inspires, and feels welcoming cannot be overstated. As gym owners and home fitness enthusiasts seek to differentiate their spaces, one question often arises: Can gym flooring be customized? The answer is a resounding yes. Today’s gym flooring options offer a […]

How To Choose The Right Gym Flooring For Different Areas Of The Gym?

Selecting the appropriate flooring for your gym is crucial not only for the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your facility but also for the safety and performance of its users. Different areas of a gym have varying requirements based on the activities performed, the equipment used, and the level of impact and traffic they experience. […]

How To Find Out The Perfect Rubber Gym Flooring Thickness?

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Determining the perfect thickness for rubber gym flooring depends on several factors, including the type of activities performed in your gym, the weight of equipment, and your budget. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the right thickness for your rubber gym flooring: Activity Type: Consider the primary types of activities that will take […]

Signs Your Gym Floor is Ready for Replacement

Introduction: Gymnasiums and fitness centers are places where individuals embark on their fitness journeys, striving to push their limits, reach their goals, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A pivotal element in creating the ideal workout environment within these spaces is the often-underappreciated gym flooring. The gym floor serves as the foundation upon which countless reps, […]

TVS Group Installs Gym Flooring at Private Members Fitness Club

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Our sports and fitness surfacing specialist, Jason Lewis-Lamb, representing TVS Group, was recently invited to visit one of the finest luxury hotels in Lancashire; the Crow Wood Hotel and Spa Resort, Burnley. As part of a multi-million pound refurbishment project the purpose of his visit was to survey the private members fitness club with the […]

TVS Group Elevates UK’s Largest Fitness Exibition 2022

TVS Group at London Elevate exibition 2022

TVS Group’s performance surfaces helped elevate UK’s largest fitness, physical activity and sports therapy trade show. ELEVATE 22, staged in June, provided TVS Group with an opportunity to showcase some of its latest performance surfaces for sports, fitness and physical activities. Held this year at the ExCeL London exhibition centre, the event attracted a wide […]

Case Study Chapel Wharf Complex

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TVS Group gives flagship development the hush factor Thanks to TVS Group, a new build-to-rent development in Manchester is assured of staying ultra-calm despite its vibrant state-of-the-art fitness facilities.  Like all its build-to-rent developments, the company behind the scheme has incorporated the latest fitness amenities within the city’s Chapel Wharf complex. Earlier this year, TVS […]

Gym Tiles Or Rolls For Commercial Gym?

What Are The Different Types Of Rubber Sports Flooring

Investing in flooring for your commercial gym is very important. Rubber tiles and rolls provide a durable surface that protect against impacts, while absorbing noise from weights being lifted overhead or other activities taking place nearby. Besides being extremely resilient and durable, both gym tiles and rolls are non-slip and available in a wide variety […]

School Playground Flooring

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School playgrounds used to nearly always be made from concrete or asphalt. These solid surfaces are durable and cheap, but they are also dangerous and prone to environmental damage. This has led to most schools replacing hard surfaces with soft surfaces, like wood chip around climbing frames and rubber around swings. An increased focus on […]