Primal Gym

Gym Flooring Case Study Primal Gym


Primal Gym is an independent fitness facility located within a mixed-use development complex in the city of Leeds. A residential apartment block is situated above and retailers are trading either side. The client’s vision was to create a “best-in-class” strength training academy for the North of England, however, controlling any noise and vibration caused by heavy impacts presented a rather unique challenge. As the client was not prepared to compromise on their business concept they turned to Total Vibration Solutions Ltd and TVS Sports Surfaces for help.

The Challenge:

The gym was to operate in a shared commercial space and the challenge was to minimise noise and vibration disturbance (caused by gym activity) to neighbouring occupants.

TVS Solution:

TVS supplied and installed a range of acoustically engineered materials along with finished surfaces that exceeded the performance requirements set out for this project. As part of the contract, a reinforced concrete slab was constructed on the ground floor and “jacked up”, creating a floating floor with a specified air gap.

This acoustic platform was then finished with a performance layer of interlocking SPORTEC® Style tiles which provided a usable space for weight-lifting while reducing impact noise and vibration to the adjacent businesses. The first floor of the gym was designed for dynamic training activities and TVS first installed shock-absorbing underlay materials, finished with a non-slip performance layer of SPORTEC® Color-15. A custom designed sprint track was also integrated into this area allowing for speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) activity to take place.

This synthetic surface also ensured exercisers could perform pushing and pulling exercises with a fully-loaded sled.


TVS helped the client optimise the use of floor space over two levels and provided an innovative flooring solution without compromising the clients’ goals. Noise and vibration were controlled and neighbouring tenants were not disturbed by gym activities.