Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions - Some activities in the gym will cause unwanted noise and vibration disturbance. For example dropping heavy weights on the floor or running at speed on a treadmill. When designing a new gym it is important to plan for these occurrences as retrospective action can be disruptive to club operations. At TVS we offer a range of designed to dampen noise and vibration. These include:

  • High performing shock pads
  • Acoustically tested elastic layers
  • Treadmill pads
  • Impact absorbing isolation rings
  • Impact protection tiles
  • Concrete jack-up floor

9th January 2019
Gym Flooring Line Marking

Gym Flooring Line Marking

Gym Flooring Line Marking Creating Unique Training Spaces That Won’t Fade Gym Flooring Line Marking – Utilising our 2-part PU Sports Paint we offer a fully bespoke line marking service for sport and fitness surfaces. These markings define areas of play or physical activity and are a great way of […]
9th January 2019
Gym Flooring Sprint Track

Gym Flooring Sprint Tracks

Gym Flooring Sprint Tracks 100% EPDM Synthetic Rubber Surfaces Gym flooring sprint tracks and bespoke workout areas are becoming increasingly more popular in gyms and a dedicated area for sprinting will enhance the attractiveness of your facility to prospective gym members when compared to other gyms. This becomes even more […]
1st October 2018
Gym Floor Rolls

The Benefits to Using Gym Floor Rolls

Planning a new commercial or home gym using gym floor rolls? Don’t skimp on the flooring system – a good system can prevent injury, reduce maintenance costs and improve people’s workouts with a comfortable, supportive material underfoot. You have two basic types of flooring to consider – tiles and gym floor […]
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