Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions - Some activities in the gym will cause unwanted noise and vibration disturbance. For example dropping heavy weights on the floor or running at speed on a treadmill. When designing a new gym it is important to plan for these occurrences as retrospective action can be disruptive to club operations. At TVS we offer a range of solutions designed to dampen noise and vibration. These include:

  • High performing shock pads
  • Acoustically tested elastic layers
  • Treadmill pads
  • Impact absorbing isolation rings
  • Impact protection tiles
  • Concrete jack-up floor

1st October 2018
Gym Floor Rolls

The Benefits to Using Gym Floor Rolls

Planning a new commercial or home gym? Don’t skimp on the flooring system – a good system can prevent injury, reduce maintenance costs and improve people’s workouts with a comfortable, supportive material underfoot. You have two basic types of flooring to consider – tiles and gym floor rolls. Flooring that […]
24th September 2018
Home Gym Flooring

Choosing Home Gym Flooring That Works For You

Working out at home should be enjoyable and safe. The home gym flooring you install plays an important role in this because it’s what you work out on. Come to think of it, no other equipment in your gym is used as much as the floor. You interact with it […]
17th September 2018
gym floors

Must-Have Properties of Gym Floors

Everyone from bodybuilders to calisthenics boffins want a safe and dependable base to workout from. Fact is, no gym equipment is used more than the floor itself and you’ve got to get it right to provide the best possible experience for customers. Here’s what to look for in gym floors: […]
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